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Can a dealership make you bring a car back after they've sold it to you?

Being told to bring a car back after you've bought it. What are your rights? What can you do?
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This article discusses your options when a mechanic or body shop repairs your car without your consent and whether or not you are required to pay for repairs you didn't authorize.
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How Much is a DUI ticket in Georgia?

The cost of DUI tickets in Georgia including minimum and maximum fines.
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3 Things to Expect When Visiting a Loved One in Jail

Visiting a loved one in jail can be a difficult and challenging experience, but it can be easier if you are prepared for it.  Here are three things that can make the experience easier for you and the person you are visiting. There is no privacy:  From the beginning of your visit to the end, ...
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Helping good people recover from bad business. 

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