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Complicated Personal Injury Settlement

Client had loaned her car to her boyfriend who was involved in a tragic accident where a minor was killed. Her boyfriend was at fault for the accident.  Her insurance company failed to properly defend her interests in the accident by unreasonably delaying settlement to the injured family. When her insurance company finally made efforts to resolve the claim, it was not enough to properly compensate the injured family, exposing her to additional lawsuits.  With the support and guidance of Embry Legal, client was able to successfully settle a bad faith claim against her insurance company resulting in an award of $165,000.

Samantha Embry

Samantha Embry is a passionate advocate and avid legal researcher who believes everyone deserves dedicated legal representation.  After almost a decade of working in the insurance industry, Samantha decided to pursue her desire to help people through law. While working a full time job and raising...

Very Knowledgeable

Attorney Embry was very knowledgeable and thorough went it came to handling my dispute. The outcome to my case was favorable. It was money well spent for great representation.

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