How Much is a DUI ticket in Georgia?

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How Much is a DUI Ticket in Georgia?

The cost of a DUI ticket in Georgia depends on how many DUI's you have received within a ten-year period.  These fines do not include the cost of DUI driving school, court costs, the costs to get your license reinstated, probation fees, and the likely increase in your insurance premiums.    The chart below only discusses the fines for the actual DUI charge.  So, if you enter a plea of guilty for a DUI charge or are found guilty of a DUI charge, the minimum punishments and fines are listed below:



Minimum Mandatory Jail Time

Minimum Community Service

Minimum Fine

Maximum Fine

1st DUI Offense in 10 years

24 hours

40 hours



2nd DUI Offense in 10 years

72 hours (3 days)

240 hours



3rd DUI Offense in 10 years

15 days

240 hours



4th DUI offense in 10 years charged as a MISDEMEANOR

15 days

240 hours



4th DUI offense in 10 years charges as a FELONY

1-5 years with a possible reduction by a Judge to 90 days.

480 hours



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